Introduction to High-Performance Computing: JupyterHub

NeSI JupyterHub Login

The easiest method for accessing the NeSI cluster is to use our JupyterHub service. Below are the login and troubleshooting instructions for NeSI JupyterHub:

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Enter your NeSI username, HPC password your 6 digit second factor token Login
  3. Choose server options: the session project code should be NeSI Training (), Number of CPUs and memory size will remain unchanged. However, select the appropriate Wall time based on the projected length of a session Options
  4. From Jupyter Launcher screen, choose Terminal (highlighted in red box) Terminal




Virtual Desktop

Queue Manager

File transfer window


By default the file browser will be in a temporary hidden directory containing links to all of you projects and your home directory. Do-not create files here as they will be difficult to find later!

Note, the file browser is not linked at all to your terminal, changing your directory in one will not affect the other.

Files can be uploaded to the cluster by dragging from your local machine into the file transfer window.

Text Editor

ctrl + s to save.