NOTE - some of the following settings may be configured centrally once the HPC system has stabilised. For now each user must do it.

Kupe - Running Cylc Suites

Where to Run Cylc Daemons (Suite Server Programs)

Cylc daemons should only run on designated CS500 VMs with cylc in the name, such as cylc01 (for research users) and ec-cylc01 (for operations). Job status messages will be blocked on other nodes.

However, you do not need to log into the Cylc VMs in order to run suites and interact with them, just configure rose suite-run to automatically place suite daemons on the Cylc VMs:

# $HOME/.metomi/rose.conf
group{cylc-vm}=cylc01 cylc02 cylc03


The cylc GUI and CLI commands will automatically connect to suites from any node on the system. Also add the following to your Cylc global config file, for cylc scan:

# $HOME/.cylc/global.rc
[suite host scanning]
hosts = cylc01, cylc02, cylc03

Note that it may be necessary to log on to the Cylc hosts (cylc01, cylc02, …) once to add these host names and public key fingerprints to the “known_hosts” list in your ssh configuration.

Configuring Suite Run Directory Locations

Cylc stores all suite files under the standard root location $HOME/cylc-run/. To avoid writing too much data to $HOME however, rose suite-run should be configured to automatically symlink suite run directories (and/or their underlying work and share directories) to other locations, e.g.:

# $HOME/.metomi/rose.conf


  • the * wildcard above matches host names. On our shared filesystem the same location should do for all hosts.
  • the root location for suite work and share directories can be configured separately with root-dir{share}=*=/foo/bar and root-dir{work}=*=/foo/bar.
  • these locations can also be configured per-suite in rose-suite.conf files (in which case omit the [rose-suite-run] section heading).

Submitting Jobs to the XC50

Because of the way that Slurm works, for the moment suites must treat the XC50 as a Cylc remote host - i.e. they must ssh to an XC50 login node and submit jobs to Slurm there (they must not submit XC50 jobs to Slurm locally with just the --cluster=kupe option to target the XC50 - jobs will submit OK like this, but subsequent job poll and kill operations will fail).